Academic Discussion by Prof. T.Subba Rao (Professor, University of Manchester, UK)

24 May. 2009, CECTech, Hiroshima

CECTech thanks Prof. Subba Rao for his valuable academic discussions on Forecasting problem.
Discussion on Forecasting Strategy Changes in Organization Problem.

The problem is to forecast the strategy change in the long term plan, based on the outcomes of short term plans.

Since the forecast needs the data from the enterprises, which may not be releasing for security reasons, even the data is released, it may be only a partial set of data, then the above said problem need be simulated with trial data.

And at first the data and plots are needed to analyze and forecast.  Formulating suitable data is very crucial in this particular problem.

Discussion on the problem. Prof. Subba Rao, and staff of CECTech discussing the details of the problem.

Dr. Rao explained the importance of the problem in organizations. The Short (STP), Mid (MTP), Long (LTP) and VeryLong term plans and were considered, the input and output of STP, MTP shall be the data for analysis and forecast for VLTP.

Prof. Subba Rao, suggested that if the input data is available and more accurate for long periods, the results can be more accurate in the proposed or discussed methods.

Prof. Subba Rao futher provided sources of the material related to the topic and for in-depth study on the problem.

These sources include text books, which describe the mathematical formulae and research papers, which provide strategies adopted in the research so far published, and references of people who worked on such problems as of ours.

And a statistical software called R, which is free for download. This software package can suitable to learn and practice from basic to advanced statistical problems.

Research staff of CECTech joined the discussions and learned the basics of Time Series explained by Prof. Subba Rao.

Prof. Subba Rao has made some suggestions on the problems they are currently working. He suggested future research on various topics that relate to society, science and technology.

More discussions took place on making the direction and clarity of the problems and the approach for solutions.

Prof. Subba Rao, is keen on the projects that CECTech adopts and research towards a success. Mrs. Subba Rao is also looking at the discussion.

The research staff are working on real-world problems that require mathematical or statistical  and software solutions.

Those problems specifically include, socio-economic aspects, software applications, etc.

Group photo: (from left to right) Mrs. Subba Rao, Ms. R. G. Nageswari, Ms. Aruna Kumari Dr. Sasipalli VSRao, Prof. Ichikawa, Prof. Subba Rao, Mr. Tajuddin Shaik, Mr. K. N. Srinivas, Mr. T.Ravi Kishore Baby Ramalakshmi thanked Prof. Subba Rao on behalf of CECTech and its staff.
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