Lecture by Prof. T.Subba Rao (Professor, University of Manchester, UK)

28 Feb. 2008, CECTech, Hiroshima

CECtech thanks Prof. Subba Rao for his valuable lecture and discussions. CECTech thanks Institute of Statistical Mathematics, Tokyo, which extended this opportunity to have his lecture at our CECtech.
Lecture on Intervention Time Series Analysis for Poverty Reduction (Forecast) Problem.

The problem is to forecast the literacy, unemployment, family economic strengths, etc in an effort to provide better strategy for creating  policies to reduce the poverty.

Since there are many parameters involved in the problem, Intervention Time Series analysis can be the best approach to the solution.

Though not exact solution may come up as a result, but a possible forecast view can be recommended.

Discussion on the problem. Prof. Subba Rao, Professor Emeritus Tadao Ichikawa (Hiroshima University), Dr. Sasipalli VSRao (CECTech) discussing the details of the problem.

Dr. Rao explained the severity of the problem in India and the Indian government policies, that are being taken as input data for our study. The input data is taken for 1950 - 2000, the forecast results are expected for 2020.

Prof. Subba Rao, suggested that if the input data is available for more periods prior to 1950 also, the results can be more accurate in the proposed or discussed methods.

Prof. Subba Rao futher provided sources of the material related to the topic and for in-depth study on the problem.

These sources include text books, which describe the mathematical formulae and research papers, which provide strategies adopted in the research so far published, and references of people who worked on such problems as of ours.

Prof. Ichikawa made some comments in respect of digital generation with fast development of mobile technology and its implications on society.

Research staff of CECTech joined the discussions and the discussions broadened to several areas of the problem.

Prof. Subba Rao has made some suggestions on the problems they are currently working. He suggested future research on various topics that relate to society, science and technology.

Prof. Ichikawa and Dr. Rao shared the view point of Prof. Subba Rao and the research staff could learn the current scenarios and some directions of research.

Prof. Subba Rao, Prof. Ichikawa and Dr. Rao are more enthusiastically listening the explanations of the research staff on their research projects and problems.

The research staff are working on real-world problems that require mathematical or statistical  and software solutions.

Those problems specifically include, family relations in the changing world, software applications, technology for reducing seismic wave effect on buildings and bridges, etc.

Group photo: (from left to right) Mrs. Subba Rao, Ms. R. G. Nageswari, Dr. Sasipalli VSRao, Prof. Ichikawa, Prof. Subba Rao, Mr. T. Murali Mohan, Mr. K. N. Srinivas. Baby Ramalakshmi thanked Prof. Subba Rao on behalf of CECTech and its staff.
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