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"The company is the pioneer and as such will always be the seeker of unknown."


"Flawless execution separates us from others."


"Curiosity is the key to creativity."


Akio Morita (SONY)

Partners / Supporters
CECTech is currently in association or aspiring to collaborate / work with the following organizations:  
Andhra University, India

Department of Computer Science
Prof. P. S. Avadhani

Department of Engineering Mathematics
Prof. S. Umadevi

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering
Prof. G. S. N. Raju (Vice Chancellor)

Andhra University
Aligarh Muslim University, India

Department of Mathematics
Prof. Md. Kalimuddin Ahmad

Aligarh Muslim University
Hiroshima University, Japan

Department of Computer Science
Prof. Koichi Harada

Hiroshima University

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